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Homework is posted and ready for your study. CLICK ON THIS LINK.
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    John baptizes Jesus

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    Garden of Gethsemane

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    Wailing Wall


10 Reasons to consider joining our study

Reason 1
Romans is considered by many theologians to be the greatest letter ever written to the church.
Reason 2
We will learn to apply "biblical hermeneutics", which is a system of HOW to study the book of Romans.
Reason 3
We will learn how to think through the book of Romans from Chapter 1 through chapter 16.
Reason 4
The book of Romans teaches much about the doctrine of sin. It is very critical to understand this doctrine in order that we might be able to properly understand our salvation.
Reason 5
By learning Romans you will be better able to protect yourself and family from sitting under false teaching.
Reason 6
A majority of people according to recent surveys can't articulate the doctrine of justification. Martin Luther once said "the church stands or falls on the doctrine of justification." In Romans we will learn this doctrine.
Reason 7
This study will encourage you to share what you are learning with those in your sphere of influence such as immediate family, friends, neighbors, relatives, business associates and fellow church members.
Reason 8
Romans teaches us HOW to be the Christians that we say we have become.
Reason 9
If this is the most important book in the Bible, and you have never studied it enough to think through it, then there is no better time than the present.
Reason 10
Because I know where you live and if you don't come to us then I will come to you.

Teaching Schedule - Spring Session

April 15 - Romans Chapters 1-3 "The doctrine of SIN"
April 22 - Romans 2:1-16 "The MORAL man (part 1)"
May 20 - Romans 3:21- 5:21 "The Doctrine of Justification
April 29 - Romans 2:1-16 - "The MORAL man (part 2)"
May 6 - Romans 2:17-3:9 "The RELIGIOUS man"
May 13 - Romans 3:10-20 "Conclusion for the Doctrine of SIN"
May 20 - Historic view of SIN in the church (Augustine vs. Pelagius)

These are sample audio clips from Romans Week 12

Being Under Sin

The Marriage Amendment and Romans

The Justice of God

Romans Homework for the Summer

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We are located in Building E which is to the right of the book store. Go up the steps to the second floor and we are in the second classroom on the right.
who we are
A community of people who are dedicated to understand the word of God. As this happens our desire is to live it out in such a way that Christ is demonstrated as great.
contact us
Our leadership team will be glad to help in anyway that we can. Please contact us through this website.
what we do
We study by using sound Biblical hermeneutics. Therefore we strive to understand what the author meant by what he wrote at the time he wrote it.